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Welcome to Thoms Family L.P.
Yellow Black Mouth Cur Cow Dogs

A FBMCBO Inc. Listed Referred Breeder.

Featuring the line bred genetics of Weathford’s Ben, Wright’s Rodeo Stock, Conn’s Randy, Thoms Colorado, Thoms Hornet and Thoms Vaquero and many more of the best top producers.

         "Written Money Back Guarantee"

- Important Notice -
 Mr. Thoms has been unable to answer messages and emails, due to a medical emergency.
He is out of the hospital and recovering, and said he will answer every phone message and email very soon.

Thanks for your prayers !!!

4 of the 7 studs used by Thoms Yellow Black Mouth Cur Cow Dog

Born: 5-8-10
(Colorado x Little Chata)

Born: 10-20-08
(Hornet x Lucy's Chata)

Fantasmo Gris
Born: 10-6-10
(Colorado x Pretty Girl)

Born: 8-25-09
(Hornet x Gata)
"Ramon proudly displays his
working war wounds."

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