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      I have been breeding and working cur cowdogs for 50+ years. In my lifetime I have owned a handful of dogs that were as good as a cowdog gets. However, they would not breed true. Only breeding for myself I would get 1 or 2 from a litter that would be good enough to keep. Most were just that – good enough to keep. Usually not as good as their parents. A little more than a decade ago I bought some Foundation bred dogs and that solved my problem. The magic word was genetics. Now I can back up at least 25 years on any dog I produce.

      Every cross is from proven genetically pure line bred Black Mouth Curs. Knowing what the parents are and all the other dogs in the family lineage is the reason I can now offer WRITTEN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I expect every pup in every litter to work and they do. Every dog that leaves here is caring my reputation with it. Therefore, I will only sell a dog that I would buy myself.

We are a full time commercial ranching family. These dogs are used like they are supposed to be. Every one of our stud dogs and brood females have been proven out on the ground. Any or all of the brood gyps can be dried up and will pen cattle. It still makes me marvel at the sight of a set of dogs in the lead of a long string of cows and me walking my horse behind them, 100 crossbred cows in a brush pasture and 1 extra hand.
                                                                                                                              David Thoms

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