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Australia has a new breed of hunting and working dog

– the Black Mouth Cur.

Black Mouth Curs have been around for hundreds of years but they only made it to our shores in August 2011. Cousins Troy and Baden Crittle have imported four Black Mouth Curs – three female and one male, from Southern Texas, USA.

Black Mouth curs are a medium sized athletic dog, they are generally quite leggy and have a deep chest. The name Black Mouth Cur comes from the black mask that can extend from the jawline to just under the eyes, the body is a sandy or yellow colour.

Black Mouth Curs are a very versatile breed and the Crittle fella’s will be continuing this tradition. Troy’s doges will be used for hunting pigs around NSW and Baden’s dogs will be used to work Brahman cattle in QLD.

As a pigdog they are mainly finder bailers but most will hold the pig with another dog. “Although its early days, the dogs worked straight from quarantine” Troy said, “our imported dogs are only young and had been started on cattle in Texas but they bailed the first pigs that they saw”, he added.

Baden Crittle is based on a property 100km west of Springsure in central Queensland. Baden said “the Back Mouth Curs took to working straight away and they will work the lead of a mob very naturally. What I like most about the Black Mouth Curs is their drive and keenness, they just love to work”. Baden went on to add “in the southern parts of the United States where the curs are bred and worked, it’s very hot and the curs ability to withstand heat is impressive”.

Black Mouth Curs are a very popular hunting breed in Texas. Some might say they are the most popular. They have been around for many years and there are several types and strains. Some curs such as the Ladner bloodline specialize in small game hunting but are also used for pig hunting.

The Black Mouth Curs imported by the Crittle boys are based on the Weatherfords Ben bloodline. This bloodline originated in eastern and central Texas and goes back to one outstanding dog wall Weatherfords Ben. Troy Crittle said “we thought long and hard about which bloodline to invest our time into and in the end we went with the Weatherfords Ben dogs”.

Of the dogs imported into Australia one male was purchased from Randy Wright (who owned Weatherfords Ben) in Dryden, Texas and tree females from David Thoms in Three Rivers, Texas.

Troy again “David Thoms and Randy Wright live and breathe dogs and we think we were successful in importing some great hound dogs from them:. Baden Crittle was keen to point out that “Weatherfords Ben bloodline curs have a reputation for being tough but with brains to go with it, we are excited about their future in Australia working both rough cattle and big boars”. Both Troy and Baden Crittle plan to have Black Mouth Cur pups available to working homes in early 2012.

Read the latest magazine about Thoms Curs in Australia (pdf)

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