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Testimonials  (Read the "Full Cry" magazine article)

David Thoms was inducted into the Texas Breeders Hall of Fame on January 1, 2009

Read the latest magazine about Thoms Curs in Australia (pdf)

Mr. Thoms,
I just want to thank you for selling me a great male puppy. Chulo (Colorado x little chata) has made a great deer dog who i also use to work cattle. We love his great attitude and willingness to finish his job (see pic for proof). I highly recommend your dogs for pets and working dogs. Mine is both. Thanks a million for breeding such great blackmouth curs.

Drew Martin

Dear, Mr. Thoms,
Thank you so much for Jenny, I love her! She sleeps with me and travels to my youth rodeos. She very protective of me already. The saying around our house is; " Jenny's not our puppy, we're her people."
Love Logan Quinn

Mr. Thoms,
I wanted to write and thank you for the opportunity to own such a great dog. I really enjoyed getting to see your facility and was amazed at how clean and well kept the kennels are. I could tell by the tour that you are really proud of what you have built and the dogs that you produce (as you should be). Getting to see the mature dogs on site; especially Western Atascosa (dad) was a treat and I hope my pup will grow up to be just as amazing.

Everyday we get to see her learn and grow and it’s such a joy to have her around. “Tottsie” is becoming quite accustomed to living at her new “ranch” in the city. Housebreaking was automatic. During the first week we have had her, she never went to the bathroom inside the house or in her crate. For anybody considering having one of these dogs as a house pet should not be worried.

The dog and cat are getting along fine and have decided to give each other the level of respect they each deserve. We had the initial stand off in the back yard and the dog figured it out real quick when the cat paw got raised it was time to negotiate a truce.

I have included some pictures and hopefully you won’t show them to her brothers and sisters. They might get jealous and decide to hop on a bus and become city slickers too.

Thanks once again,
Alan C.

Man we love the dogs, so much personality we have drift nearly ready to pup and our children absolutely love her to bits. What you have done for us we are extremely grateful for. One day we will come and visit you. In the mean time you and your family are more than welcome here anytime.

Thanks once again
Sheena Baden

"Read the latest article about Australia's newest residents."

Mr. Thoms,
I hope this letter finds you, and your family doing well. I just wanted to give you an update on two females that I purchased from you. The first female was out of Thoms Colorado x Thoms Little Chata. I have been using her for hog hunting since she was about 7 months old. It didn't take long for her to pick it up, and each trip we take she shows more drive, and confidence than the trip before. She has a bunch of hunt to her, and it is a must to have a tracking collar on her because of how rangy she is. She tends to hunt out about 600-1000 yards in front of me. At now 11 months old she is definitely one of my top dogs.

The next female is Thoms Colorado x Wrights Western Randa. I have been using this gyp on cows. Her first trip out she was about 6 months old, we hauled her with two finished cow dogs that were 3 and 4 years old. We were gathering about 75 head of heifers that day that weren't dog broke at all. We sent the two older dogs, and I wasn't expecting anything out of the pup since it was her first day going. As soon as the two older dogs got there and started doing their job, that little pup took off like a bat outta hell. As soon as she got there she started ringing those heifers like she has been doing it for 10 years. By the end of the day the two older dogs were wore slap out, and didn't have anything left in their gas tank, but that pup stayed with those heifers all day. I could not be more pleased with her.


(south Florida)

Hello David,

This is Tim from NY, I bought a female puppy from you last November. I wanted to let you know that the puppy I bought from you has been a wonderful addition to both my farm and my family. Since day one Maire (McDonalds Bubba X Flash's Sugar) has proved herself time and time again to be the most outstanding dog I have ever seen. Maire has successfully worked beef cattle, pigs, turkeys, chickens and even a runaway goat from another farm. This dog loves to work whether it be it be getting the pigs into their pen or getting my two year old son out of the pig pen. I have enclosed a couple of pictures of her on her first run with cattle, she was just shy of five months old and she did all the teaching that day. You can be assured that I will never purchase another dog from anybody but you. If anybody ever doubts the caliber of your dogs feel free to use me as a reference.
Keep up the excellent work. Maire has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations.

Timothy J. Haws
Autumn's Harvest Farm

Romulus, NY 14541 (Upsate, NY)

March 20, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. David Thoms,

     I hope this letter finds the two of you doing well. I am writing again to let you know just how pleased I am with my second female ‘Chata’ or ‘Prissy’ as you know her. ‘Chata’ as we now call her is doing great. Mr. Thoms hit the nail on the head when he stated she would compliment ‘Chica’ as she has done that quite well. Both are looking for and winding cattle on their own now. I could not ask more for two females less than a year old, locating, baying and holding a group of cattle and driving them to the lot. They are definitely learning to put the heat on one when it breaks from the herd. I have raised many dogs in the past and had some very good ones, but I have never had two that tried so hard to do everything just right. These two females are eager to do it all from lead to put the halt on a runaway. It is quite a pleasure riding behind a group of cattle and having confidence that two young females are ahead of you giving everything they have to do a job where there should be an older dog in front of them showing them how to do it. Provided I can remember to take the camera with me I will get you some pictures of them working. Both ‘Chata’ and 'Chica’ work very relaxed when the cattle are cooperating and they both show adequate aggressiveness when needed. These two females seem to be equipped with a “dimmer switch” and they both know just how much to turn the knob for every occasion.

I would also like to thank you again for your southern hospitality. It brings great pleasure to myself and my family to spend time with folks such as yourselves. It is simply by the grace of God that we have the opportunities to spend our days with such good folks and good animals. Until our next acquaintance may the Good Lord be with you.

God Bless
Wesley Goodson and Family

      Mr. Thoms, I am sending you this e-mail to let you know about how grateful I am of owning one of your dogs! ROCKET (THOMS HORNET X WRIGHT'S HIGH SIERRA ) has been an outstanding hog dog for me since he was 7 months old. He has been hunting with mature dogs and has always proven his ground! Got his first cut on his right shoulder at 10 months of age and kept hunting. Thank you Mr. Thoms for this great dog!

E. Benavides

       "I had been looking for some good dogs for quite sometime and came across Thoms black mouth cur dogs website; so I decided to give David a call and discuss with him what I was looking for. Most folks you call have dogs that they may not have ever bayed a cow with, but David uses his just like we use 'em here in east Texas on cattle. Automatically I felt comfortable with David even though I had never met him in person (and still hadn't). After some conversation I decided to have him send me a pair of male puppies. These puppies are yellow with black mask out of Bubba and Gato. When they got here I instantly liked the looks of the puppies but that doesn't make them good dogs as far as I'm concerned. David had guaranteed them to work though so I was patient until these dogs were right at seven months. At that time these dogs had never seen a cow. I put them on some replacement heifers we had saved and the dogs started working. They haven't done anything but get better. They are now ten months and work better than most mature dogs I've seen. I couldn't be more pleased with the puppies. These dogs are everything I hoped they would be and more."

Mark Moore
Livingston, TX

Mr. & Mrs. David Thoms,

      I would like to thank you for the southern hospitality given to my son and I when we visited to pick up Chica. My son Vance Goodson enjoyed the talk with Mrs. Thoms about his future education at A&M University. The times are changing and it is not often enough that you get the opportunity to meet such fine folks, such as yourselves. We enjoyed the stay and were very impressed to say the least, with the set up and quality of “yeller dogs”. We are extremely happy with our purchase of Chica and ensure you she will have a great home doing what she was bred to do. We honestly fell in love with your entire facility and if our pockets had been deep enough, we would have invested in a couple more pups. I will keep you up to date on Chica and her progress. One of my good friends that I work cattle with from time to time fell in love with Chica as well. I have given him your information and he should be contacting you soon. Again I want to thank you the most for your honesty and southern hospitality. It truly makes like worth living when you know there are still good honest country folks such as yourself, left in this changing world we live in today.

God Bless,
Wesley Goodson

       "Wright’s Latigo 225 (Wallace’s Rodeo Buddy X Thoms’ Lucy) has made a very outstanding dog. Buckskin black mask, deep wide chest, tight high flank lot of leg, length, good arch to his back, eat up with speed, cat quick and agile, about 65 pounds, and will sure get rough in a hurry shutting down bad cattle, and swing as fast as he gets to a run off. Extreme natural athletic and working abilities, drive, desire, heart, intelligence, and bottom, a very complete dog everywhere. We’ve had him bayed in the river, where the cow stopped was about three feet deep, but she was standing right on a deep hole, the water rolls hard and fast over these ripples, I saw a hand and mule hit right there and both disappeared completely. Latigo was baying and staying in front of that cow, fighting the current hard, he would get pulled under and go a little way before fighting and swimming back. That went on 15 minutes at least before we got the cow out of the river, he never offered to quit and bayed every breath. Had him run a Javelina down early one morning in the fall of 05’ and throat it, he didn’t have a scratch. We have had him turn 12 and 14 hour old tracks and put cattle up to 4 plus miles from where he left on track, extreme winding ability, I’ve seen him wind cattle well over a mile off.”

Randy Wright
Wright Curs

        I bought a pup from David in the spring of 2008 and he sent a letter with the pup’s papers guaranteeing the pup to work. He also said the pup should start working cattle at about six months. (The pup was a full masked male of Thoms Randy and Thoms Coyote) He started working at about five months baying some calves in the arena, but I waited till he was six months to take to our high pastures and gather pairs. On this pups first out he bayed up eleven head of cattle by himself. The next time I took him I was helping a friend find some of his cattle in some timer country. We had about five older dogs and the six month old pup from David. It was raining that day and the dogs were having a hard time picking up any sent. An hour up the trail this six month old pup struck four pair and bayed them up. I was so impressed with this dog I had to order another pup but this time a female. I got here this February 2009 (A full masked female by Thoms Colorado and Wrights Bounty Cayanne) and she started at four months and never weakened only got better. This little female is only six months old now and is already starting to find cattle on here own and will stay bayed up till you get there. This is what I like about David’s dogs they start early and when they bay something up they stay bayed. These dogs are everything he said they would be and more.

Randall Walker
Yakima, WA.


Hal Hubbard
Corrigan, Tx
Hal describing his 9 month old pup.


"He’s gonna be a good one. Got a ton of circle. Works the front very good. Will get rough if one try’s to run off but as soon as they come back to the bunch he goes back work like he’s supposed to. Calls off good.
Handles the heat and humidity here very well.
Everything thing he’s doing is natural. "